Bathmate Review

What is Bathmate pump?

This penis pump falls into the category of male enhancement products that will gradually improve your length and girth from both temporary and permanent perspective.

The main reason this pump is so much safer and effective than ordinary air vacuum pumps is the fact that it uses water to distribute the suction power of vacuum evenly across your penis!

It is composed of several parts, including an elongated cylinder that is connected to a rubber circle that is often called gaiter. The cylinder features an opening at the far end through which you will insert your penis inside.

How to use it?

You need to follow these simple steps to use your Bathmate with success:

  • Take a shower or a bath.
  • Submerge your pump under water. Wait until it is completely filled.
  • Once it is filled and while still keeping it under the water surface, insert your member in it.
  • Press the end of this gadget to your pelvis to ensure as much of your shaft is inside as possible.
  • Start pumping and check out whether you are losing any suction. Trust me that it would be noticeable!
  • If pressure holds, continue. You will feel the tension growing inside your penis, and you may need to re-pump every couple of minutes to sustain it.
  • Wait for no more than 20 minutes before releasing!The visual effect should be immediate and last for a few hours. You could try using this product before sex to increase pleasure for you and your partner.
    Some man do this once per day as part of a long-term routine to permanently increase their penis size!

Bathmate pump models

The Hercules – This is the original standard sized Bathmate and it’s suitable for guys with an erect penis length of up to 7″. It has a maximum length capacity of 8.5″ and a maximum girth of 6.7″, so if you’re already around that length or larger you’ll need something bigger. This pump’s size (as well as the X30’s) will be the best choice for most men. The Hercules is also the least expensive of the bunch, but don’t let that fool you. Some guys say it’s still the best and it’s the one I used myself.

HydroMax X20 – The perfect introductory model for most guys with a below-average to average-size penis (up to 6″). It allows for a maximum increase in length of up to 7.5″ and a girth of 5.5″.

HydroMax X30 – The HydroMax line was designed to get the maximum results in the shortest time. By re-designing the way the valve system and bellows work, the HydroMax increases suction by 30% over the previous editions. The X30 is approximately the same size as the Hercules, so it will also be the best fit for the majority of average-sized guys out there with plenty of room for gains. The maximum amount of growth available when using this model is 8.5″ length and 6.7″ girth.

HydroMax X40 – The X40 has the same features as the X30; however, it’s larger than that model but also smaller than the Goliath. It’s best for men with an erect penis size of 7″ – 9″ with a maximum length capacity of 10″ and girth capacity of 7.9″.

The Goliath – The Bathmate Goliath is the world’s largest penis pump. This model was designed for those really well-endowed guys who are already measuring around 9″ or more. It allows for a
whopping maximum capacity of 10.5″ in length and 9″ girth. To put that into perspective, you can fit the Hercules inside of the Goliath. Now that’s BIG!

HydroMax Xtreme – The very latest Bathmate models are upgrades of the X30 and X40, the HydroMax Xtreme-Series: the Xtreme X30 and Xtreme X40. These pumps are the same size as their counterparts, however they’re equipped with a hand ball pump and hose, plus a bunch of extras.


Conclusion – Does it work?

There is no doubt about it, the Bathmate hydro pumps absolutely work. With repeated and consistent use you are guaranteed to see a permanent increase in penis size and you have two months to prove it to yourself or they refund all of your money. You’ll see the effects after the first use, though only temporarily, but after repeating the process over and over the gains become more and more permanent. If you really do want to add some substantial gain to your penis, you will without question be satisfied with your purchase.  I don’t advocate using products that I don’t believe in, and I can’t recommend this one enough.

Where to buy Hydromax hydropumps?

I would advise you to purchase the Bathmate hydro pump from the official website. This eliminates the risk of getting a counterfeit pump because unfortunately they are out there.
This way you’ll ensure that you not only get excellent customer service, but will also qualify for the 60-day money-back guarantee.
As far as shipping goes, they ship discreetly to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and anywhere else in the world.